A TikToker says his host kicked him out of his Airbnb at 1am

In a viral TikTok, a user of the video-sharing platform says he was kicked out of his Airbnb by his host and had to book a hotel room late at night.

Andrew Clark (@stringbeanboy13) posted the clip of himself in a hotel bed on Monday. The text overlay reads: “Airbnb host locked the deadbolt and I had to book a hotel at 1am.”

@stringbeanboy13 love it when that happens /s @airbnb ♬ sonido original – tshkw4

“I love it when this happens,” he wrote in the caption, tagging Airbnb. “I have emotional damage from not doing my skincare routine,” he wrote in the comments.

As of May 19, TikTok had over 69,100 views.

Reviewers told Clark to report the incident to Airbnb for a refund.

Some viewers shared their own similar experiences. “Happened to me once and airbnb paid for the hotel stay that night > we made sure they paid at least 50% for the rest of the trip.”

Others have written about how Airbnb is “so sketchy as it is.”

“Most professional air bnb hosts,” another commented.

According to Airbnb website“if something goes wrong during your stay”, the first step to take is to send a message to your host.

After that, you can submit a refund request and collect and submit evidence to the Airbnb team within 72 hours. Travel issues covered by the Rebooking and Refund Policy include host failing to “provide access to hosting”.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Clark and Airbnb for comment via email.

Update 4:54 p.m. CT, May 19: Andrew Clark has connected with The Daily Dot to share more details about the lockdown of his Airbnb listing.

“The Airbnb was in Berlin, Germany. The host was an American (about 70% sure of that) living in a large 3-bedroom apartment. She was renting out two of the rooms that I occupied one of. She seemed polite and had lots of strict rules about wearing shoes, (not allowed) guests and Covid guidelines.I was happy to honor those rules as I thought it indicated she would be a very attentive host.I was wrong – she was extremely negligent.

He continues: “I was given two keys, one for the building and one for the apartment. On my 5th night at the apartment, I got home just before midnight. My phone was starting to run out of battery and I was exhausted. I spent a lot of time outdoors this weekend and was looking forward to resting this Sunday evening.

“As I walked up the stairs and put my key in the door. I turned and pushed only to be greeted forcefully. The door wouldn’t open. I quickly realized that the extra deadbolt had been locked. It wasn’t the first time this had happened. He tells the Daily Dot he was locked out twice more on his trip.

He points out that he tried his best to contact the host, via the Airbnb app, by phone and by knocking, but received no response. “I tried to contact the phone number I was given but it didn’t work. I messaged Airbnb support explaining the situation and that I didn’t feel safe not knowing where I was supposed to go.

Thanks to his brother finding a direct customer service number, Clark was able to contact support. “I was able to get in touch with an AirBnB representative fairly quickly and they asked me about the situation which I explained in detail. They tried to contact the host without success. I was told to book one night in a hotel and that I would be refunded. I also sent them a video of me trying to open the door with a key.

Clark continues, “The next morning I didn’t hear from the host until 11am. She made a mean apology and I was able to go inside and finally shower and change clothes. I tried to avoid her the rest of the trip as I felt quite uncomfortable around her. She contacted me later that day, to let me know to be more gentle when closing the front door. I thought that took a lot of courage after she locked me in overnight.

He also alleges that Airbnb has not been of much help. “I have been trying for almost a full week to resolve this issue with AirBnB with little to no success. I opened a file to study this, but I really did not have a concrete answer. Nothing more than the “we’re looking into that”. I am extremely frustrated at this point. If that doesn’t work, I’ll probably never stay at an AirBnB again.”

He continues, “I spoke on the phone with countless reps and waited at least an hour or two in total. Nobody seems to give me the time of day. I like to travel solo and normally feel safe and in control. This moment was a big departure from that because I was really worried about what was going to happen to me. My phone was about to die and I had to wander the streets alone at night not knowing the local language. I’m quite privileged to be a physically imposing guy, I can only imagine if it was someone else in my place. I really want this situation to be behind me at this point.

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*First published: May 19, 2022, 4:16 p.m. CDT

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