A unique Airbnb in Toronto will make you feel like you woke up in a paint factory

Calling all adventurers! You’ll feel like you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole when you spend the night in this whimsical art lover’s paradise in 6ix. As far as unique Toronto Airbnbs go, this one sets the bar pretty high.

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Located on funky Rogers Road, this colorful studio is covered in floor-to-ceiling paintings.

So if you’re looking for a place to stay in the city that doesn’t look like an IKEA showroom like many places, then this paint-by-numbers oasis is perfect.

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When not rented, this building functions as an art and screen printing studio, which works to your advantage.

During your stay, you can screen print a personalized T-shirt with the help of the host, and you can also take it home.

As if you needed anything else to remember this unusual getaway, guests will also receive a personalized paint-by-number button as a free keepsake.

A staircase aptly named “the stairway to heaven” will lead you to the kitchen where you will have a blast from the past with all the gorgeous retro appliances.

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Kingi | Airbnb

Guests will have access to the entire spacious storefront, shower, bathroom and lower level art studio during the stay.

Whether you’re looking to relax or need a workspace to let your creativity run wild, this is the place to be.

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Kingi | Airbnb

The host, who is unsurprisingly an artist, encourages guests in her Airbnb description to play loud music and play with paint.

So it looks like you can live your best life here.

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Kingi | Airbnb

There’s only enough room for two, and at around $190 per night, you can enjoy a whimsical evening for just $95 each.

Not too bad for a unique place like this, especially when you factor in the free merchandising.

So if you’re ready to channel your inner Andy Warhol, why not check this place out?

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Kingi | Airbnb

Kingi’s Art Space Gallery Paint by Number Palace

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Address or district: Toronto, ON

Why you should go: A multicolored artistic paradise that allows you to take home your own creation? Why haven’t we been here before?

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