A virtual taste of the heart and Seoul

A virtual taste of the heart and Seoul

Free spirit. photos courtesy of AIRBNB

While concerts around the world have been canceled and concert halls remain closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Thais can still stay in touch with the vibrant K-pop community during “Inside K-pop “, a six-day online festival that runs from today through Saturday.

Launched by Airbnb to celebrate the world of Korean pop music, this is one of the other online experiences where musical performances from around the world and Korean culture take center stage.

Seoul’s virtual passport to magic, this exclusive festival unveils the explosive Korean pop music industry with unprecedented access to some of its biggest names in front and behind the curtain.

Hosted by chart-topping idols Monsta X, in partnership with Warner Music Korea, Airbnb’s “Inside K-Pop” features 14 unique online experiences, in English, Korean, Chinese or Japanese, featuring major artists, stars-in-training and a host of creative talent who are part of the K-Pop music ecosystem.

From dance rehearsals to vocal practice, makeup tutorials to photoshoot tips, Thais can keep busy while staying at home experiencing the rigorous training of a K-Pop star.

Monsta X. AIRBNB

Some online experiences will give guests a rare glimpse into the daily rhythms and rituals of K-Pop proteges when they’re not on the road, including The Boyz making bead bracelets as a way to relax and chat. with Monsta X while they mukbang (eating in front of an audience) Korean convenience store food to refuel after busy days in training and on the road.

Also expect to see Jamie showcase his daily makeup routine and tips for creating the perfect off-stage look, making your own gungjung tteokbokki (Korean royal court salty rice cakes) with rising star group Cravity, and joining some of the stars. K-Pop’s best-known dance teams – BB Trippin and Freemind – as they lead a choreography session, showing you the main moves of the star performers.

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