A Wake Forest aerial bnb has a spooky reputation

WAKE FOREST, NC – With Halloween decorations galore, a home in Wake Forest can look like any other during the spookiest time of year. Although, as one of the owners will tell you, the real haunts of this place aren’t on any holiday trinkets.

“The doors open and the lights come on. You hear things, footsteps. So why not play, play the game,” said Rebecca Bissette.

What do you want to know

It’s officially spooky season, a time to face your biggest fears or fill your trick or treat bag to the brim with sweets.

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The Bissette family say they live in a haunted house. It’s so haunted they decided to make a business out of it

Bissette’s favorite vacation isn’t just about really cool arts and crafts. Because if she wasn’t already very serious, her house doesn’t need sprucing up to scare her.

Creaky floors and rusty doors only add to the ambiance, she says, as does the imagination.

“Shadows can look totally different once the lights go out. It suddenly becomes a person. Or a pile of clothes becomes a creepy person in a corner,” she said.

If you’re still not convinced, why not come and see for yourself?

“We thought the people who like it. You know, that will be their place. And the people who don’t will stay here,” said Rebecca Bissette.

One side of the house is now an air bnb. A project that Bissette and her husband, David Bissette, have been carrying out for five years. Stroud House, built in the 1940s, has belonged to David Bissette’s family for five generations.

He says things that happen at night have always been commonplace, and the guests agree.

“We had a guest who dropped her makeup bag from the toilet in the bathroom, and we asked her if it had just fallen, and she said no, it actually flew into the wall and slid along the wall. We’ve even had guests ask if we can scare them, but we don’t,” said Rebecca Bissette.

Whether you’re a skeptic or a believer, the lure of the house is uncanny.

“We block out vacation weeks so we can take vacations. Otherwise, we would have guests at least three to four times a month,” she said.

But beware, a visit can leave you with memories or nightmares.

“We love stories, not just the stories we bring to them. But the stories they bring to us as well,” David Bissette said.

“There was a lot of traffic in that house. And I think sometimes part of it stayed. They liked the house so much that they decided to stay there,” said Rebecca Bissette.

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