Aberdeen residents baffled by driver’s shocking parking error at junction

Residents of Aberdeen were baffled by a motorist’s parking error after leaving their car at a crossroads in a parking lot.

A snapshot of the shock of a driver’s parking was uploaded to Facebook, which shocked many people.


The driver parked at the crossroadsCredit: Aberdeen Guardian / Facebook
The driver thought he had parked in one of the bays


The driver thought he had parked in one of the baysCredit: Aberdeen Guardian / Facebook

The photos show the small Peugeot engine in a parking lot that appears to be parked in one of the bays.

Looking closely at the photo, you can see that the driver actually parked at the junction rather than a gap.

The little red vehicle stopped in the road and was left there – as the driver thought the junction markings between each side of the road were a gap.

Facebook users were stunned by the parking attempt and said some people “shouldn’t be driving.”

Many took to the comments section to express their shock at the poor parking.

One person commented: “I saw this today when I turned to exit the parking lot, luckily no one was coming the other way because he had to go on his part of the road. “

Another said: “I bet they were quite impressed that they stayed in the lines.”

While another commented: “It’s not the first time I’ve seen someone park there.”

Another said: “Officially making Aberdeen drivers the worst on the road.”

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It comes after a Scotsman was stunned over the cheeky note another driver left on his car.

Someone had gone to great lengths to denounce bad parking – even printing acceptance cards at “Bad Parking University”.

A resident of Merrylee in Glasgow was stunned to return to her engine to find the note, posting on Facebook “Someone has too much free time.”

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