Abroad dubbing: the life of a woman in Colombia full of adventures and good weather

Maeve Byrne is currently in Colombia earning money teaching English to Chinese students online.

Having left Dublin at the end of 2020 and having made several stops in North, Central and South America, she describes the freedom she feels when bouncing from place to place.

Maeve is originally from South Dublin city center but has spent the last year experiencing different cultures, climates and scenic adventures.

Speaking to Dublin Live, she reveals how the trip was from leaving Dublin to arriving in Cali, Colombia.

She said: “We went to Mexico first because it was one of the only places open. We had been there for about five months and our tourist visas were about to expire.

“We went to the United States and worked there during the summer. Then we came back to Panama, stayed there for about six weeks, and then we came to Colombia.

“We hope to go up to Canada in March. We have flights booked and we have working holiday visas. It really depends on Covid. Otherwise we will have to find another country for the end of our Colombian visas.”

Maeve has been on epic adventures since she started her travels

Being in South America and teaching people in China, Maeve tells us that the 1pm jet lag actually works in her favor by giving her a huge day to explore.

She revealed, “They’ll be taking classes before work and then after work. So we can teach in the mornings and evenings. Then there’s a big chunk of our day off.”

Maeve went on to explain that some days she could have 11am to 7pm completely free.

“It’s not amazing money, but when you’re in Colombia it goes so much further,” she said.

“You would pay around a euro for a beer in a bar and 50c in a supermarket. We have an Airbnb now and it’s around €11 a night. Split that between two people and you can stay there for quite a while.”

Maeve and her boyfriend wearing hats and ponchos on a balcony in Cali, Colombia
Maeve and her boyfriend have spent time in Mexico, the United States, Panama and now Colombia with the intention of moving to Canada

Maeve describes what it’s like to move from place to place and how she and her boyfriend choose where to go next.

She said: “We would stay somewhere for a long period of time and then we would take maybe two weeks to do this typical bag-packing adventure, like going to the waterfalls. Then we would find another town in which we would like to live.”

She added: “My favorite place was Sandhill, which would be the adventure capital of Colombia. We did rafting, bungee jumping and caving. Everything was so cheap.”

Maeve Byrne dives in a canyon in South America
Maeve reveals she’s been doing white-water rafting as well as other exciting adventure activities

Maeve went on to explain how sometimes it can be stressful to get from place to place, but once you’re there, the trip is worth it.

She revealed: “Restrictions and rules change so quickly from the time you book a flight to the time you get on it. So I would say if people are going to do that, don’t book the flights so long at the moment. advance.

“I met three Irish people in Colombia, but before that I hadn’t met any other Irish people in the last year. Usually there are just fewer people traveling.”

Although there aren’t many Irish people where Maeve is, she still finds pockets of Irish culture, such as a pub named Dublin at its current location.

She explained: “Wherever you go in the world, you will always find a Chinese restaurant and an Irish pub.”

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