Access to North Fort Myers Lagoon for non-residents part of the development

Brightwater by Metro, an ambitious residential community in North Fort Myers, will provide limited paid public access to a five-acre lagoon originally planned as a water amenity for homebuyers.

The planned public access for the lagoon was revealed during a commission zoning hearing to consider increasing the number of units from the 1,275 units approved in 2004 to 1,475 homes. The additional units were made possible through changes to the county’s land use plan.

2016:Lagoon Announced for North Fort Myers Community Announced as Amenity

2019: No lagoon yet, but work is starting on the houses

Now: Lagoons could arrive in Palm Bay, Melbourne and Port Canaveral

The owners of Brightwater, formerly known as Stoneybrook North, have agreed to stipulate that 590 homes, representing 40% of the community, will be senior housing.

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