Actor Lolly Adefope on balmy summer nights in Budapest

When I was younger and going on vacation with my family, I was almost agoraphobic. I just wanna be on my Game Boy and not talk to anyone. I was a city girl, perhaps subconsciously aware that I was “seeing in black,” which made me anxious about exploring a new place. When I first started traveling for work, I was the same — and I think I’m in a great hotel: why not just stay indoors and enjoy it? And I would justify my decision. Then, in the summer of 2017, I was in Budapest to shoot my first film, The spy who dumped me, and it was like an account. There were these windy little streets and bars everywhere, and it was soft and vibrant, even at 3 a.m. – everyone was just having fun. I tweeted from my hotel, asking how to look Island of love, and then strangely, two friends were there at the same time and sent me a message to go out. We got together for a drink at this bar called Mazel Tov, which has a garden with lots of fairy lights and plants. They were in Budapest because actor friends had rented a mansion called the Writer’s Villa, and they invited me over. It was magnificent, like invented luxury levels. I remember thinking, even if I had millions and came to this place, I would be in awe. There was plenty of champagne and wine and so much food. And then everyone started jumping in the pool, and I thought, I’m not scared, and I jumped too. We stayed up all night. Now when I travel I am more adventurous. If I find myself plunging back into this “don’t leave the hotel” atmosphere, I take small steps, like having a good dinner alone or having my nails done. I am hyper aware that I am traveling as a black woman, but I try to remind myself that there is a lot to be gained from stepping out of my comfort zone. As said to Meredith Carey

The third season of Acute, with Lolly Adefope, premiering May 7 on Hulu.

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