Additional city center police patrols to tackle violent crime

MORE police patrols and an increase in security personnel in city centers will be tasked with minimizing violent crime.

Dorset Police have launched their summer violent crime campaign, Don’t Regret Your Night, as the country prepares to fully reopen the nighttime economy in the early hours of Monday July 19.

Strength reminds everyone to have fun with the restrictions lifted, to behave responsibly, and to take care of each other.

In an effort to ensure the safety of residents and visitors this summer, Dorset Police are working closely with BCP Council and Dorset Council to increase resources in town centers through additional police patrols, as well as ” an increase in security personnel in licensed premises and accredited community security. council officers.

To meet the increased demands of the summer, the force said it has stepped up its working practices with partner agencies following the establishment of multi-agency command centers in Bournemouth and West Dorset.

Reports of the most serious violent offenses, such as grievous bodily harm and intentional injury, have fallen in Dorset over the past three years, from 252 in 2018/19 to 226 in 2020/21 – although the countries have spent long periods of these in lockdown.

Chief Superintendent Mark Callaghan, Head of the Serious Violence Force, said: “It has been 18 long and difficult months for everyone, and we have finally reached the stage where most of the restrictions on our social life must be. lifted.

“We are delighted that people can enjoy this new-found freedom and we welcome people back to our inner cities with open arms.

“Together with our partners, we will do everything we can to keep people safe, but we ask people to take some personal responsibility, to take care of each other and not find themselves in situations where your behavior may degenerate into violence.

“There is no room in our communities for violence and we will do all we can to bring offenders to justice. If you commit a violent offense, you can expect to have a criminal record, which could affect your career and your reputation. Don’t regret your evening.

“Over the past year we have all been tested and our communities have come together and supported each other. Dorset is a family county and we want everyone to enjoy their time here and not be wasted by the minority who can’t stand their drink or think violence is okay.

“Know when you’ve had enough, plan how you’re going to get home, and take care of your friends and family. ”

A series of posters and social media posts reminds people of the consequences of overdoing it at a night out or at home with friends when the toxic cocktail of alcohol and violence mixes together.

David Sidwick, Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner, said: ‘We have already seen some incredibly busy weekends across Dorset and with people flocking to the county over the next few months to enjoy our beaches and other attractions, the level of demand facing our police and other services will increase.

Bournemouth Echo: Dorset PCC David Sidwick

“I want everyone to enjoy the summer, but stay safe and consume responsibly. I also want our communities, especially those living in coastal towns, to know that the Force will remain vigilant, that violent alcohol-related crimes will not be tolerated, and that offenders will be dealt with. ”

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