Additional measures: what will happen in Brussels?

These measures are: the curfew, the closing of shops at 8 p.m., the ban on alcohol consumption in public spaces and the general wearing of masks.

On reopen, visibly, carefully. The officials of the federal government and the federated entities, meeting in the Consultation Committee this Friday afternoon, agreed to ” prioritize young people, education, outdoor activities
“. It being understood, we read in the conclusions of Codeco, that “the opening of the economy and society will depend on the progress of vaccination”.

In Brussels, additional measures to federal measures have been taken in recent months. These could change.

“At the level of the Brussels Region, we have taken additional measures to those dictated at the federal level. As we are coming out of the break week, I will have contact with the mayors at the start of next week on these additional measures ”, declared Rudi Vervoort during the press conference which followed the Concertation Committee.

These measures are: the curfew, the closing of shops at 8 p.m., the ban on alcohol consumption in public spaces and the general wearing of masks.

“We want together an evaluation of these measures with regard to what is announced in the time schedule so that the relaxation that we will have to take is manifested and in phase with the openings that are planned in what we have agreed this after – midday, ”he concluded.

The situation is getting worse

The epidemiological situation is deteriorating The epidemiological situation in the Brussels Region continues to deteriorate: an increase in Covid-19 cases reminds us that vigilance remains in order and that health measures must continue to be scrupulously respected to stop the spread of the virus, aa affirmed the Common Community Commission Friday at the end of the day.

According to the bicommunity institution, the incidence rate – the number of infections per 100,000 inhabitants – has increased significantly in recent days, rising to 344 on Friday, against 287 on February 26. The positivity rate rose from 7.5% on February 26 to 7.6% on Friday March 5, while the number of tests carried out is increasing slightly.

There has also been an increase in hospitalizations over the past ten days. These rose to 318 on March 4, compared to 279 on February 26. Ditto for the number of people in intensive care units increased to 68 on March 3 against 61 on February 26. The death toll was from 14 March 04 (13 February 26).

“A plateau too high”

“If we are to closely monitor this rise in the context of the British variant, and the increase in cases linked to other variants, such as the Brazilian variant, we must also keep in mind that the figures are stagnating on too high a plateau. since November and that they fluctuate constantly. We also note a worrying slackening in the respect of sanitary measures compared to the previous months, which generates a wider spread of the virus ”, adds the Common Community Commission by way of press release.

The latter therefore invited the population to “remain very vigilant and continue to respect as much as possible the barrier gestures and the health measures put in place (teleworking; limiting non-essential trips as much as possible and social contacts; scrupulously applying the rules). hygiene such as wearing a mask or washing hands).

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