Afghanistan: Belgian evacuation operation could end by Friday

The Americans have given the August 27 deadline to its allies for the end of the evacuation operations.

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THEAfghanistan evacuation operation “Red Kite” could end by Friday, report Wednesday Echo and From Tijd, quoted the Minister of Defense, Ludivine Dedonder (PS). “For the moment, we are banking on the 27 [août], but that can change ”, indicated to them the minister, indicated that the situation evolves of hour. According to an agreement with the Taliban, US troops should have left Kabul airport by August 31.

As of Tuesday evening, Belgium had not established an end date for the operation, said Prime Minister Alexander De Croo for his part. Like other NATO member countries, Belgium asked the United States to extend its presence at Kabul airport in September.

Nearly 1,150 people evacuated by Belgium

While the Belgian C-130s had gone from four to six rotations between Kabul and Islamabad, Operation Red Kite had already evacuated a total of 1,147 people on Tuesday evening, said the minister. “The objective, whatever the case, is to get these people out as quickly as possible: date or no date, we multiplied the slots as soon as we had the authorizations. “

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