After a woman rents an airbnb room, her current tenant refuses to leave

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An owner recently visited viral on social media after a short-term Airbnb tenant refused to leave his home and remains there to this day.

According united girls, the landlady posted an ad on airbnb saying she was renting a room in her house for the short term. She was looking to earn extra income to pay off her mortgage, she shares in a video. “I put this ad saying I was looking for someone to sublet one of the bedrooms in my house.”

The transaction went well and she went on vacation without thinking about it.

And then things went left.

“The person was to have left three days before my return. I talk to my housekeeper and she’s like the person is still there in your house,” the home owner explains. When she returned, the woman she was renting her house to refused to leave. “She is still here in my house and refuses to leave. So I don’t know what to do. »

The woman films herself before pointing the camera at the tenant. “I’m not going anywhere,” the tenant is heard saying before adding, “so deal with it.”

By united girls, the woman shares that she decided to call the police and take the necessary steps to apply for an eviction order. “I had to go through protocols and all the legal blasé,” she says. “The police were right in my house and I tell them get her out now and they’re like oh, she’s a tenant now.”

Airbnb says it’s between you all.

Airbnb has posted policies that hosts should consider before assigning long-term rentals to individuals on their property, noting that as a general rule, anyone who stays in a listing for less than 30 days generally does not have tenant rights .

“We encourage you to review your local rules and regulations before accepting a long-term reservation,” Airbnb wrote on its website.

Airbnb also states, “In most states and localities in the United States, guests who stay in a home or apartment for a month or more — the exact number of days depends on the jurisdiction — may establish entitlements as tenant. Typically, this means that local tenancy laws might protect them, and you may not be able to remove them from your property without going through the required eviction procedures in court.

The situation remains untenable.

In the video, the tenant is heard saying that she is legitimately in the house. “This is my place,” she said before closing a door in the owner’s face. “Excuse me, you can record anything you want. I’m not going anywhere,” the tenant adds as she walks out of one room into the living room. “Don’t touch that door or I’ll call the police on you,” she adds, illuminating something in the process.

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