Agent exposes rental scam that costs unsuspecting tenants thousands of pounds – Property Industry Eye

Another scam in which crooks fraudulently deceive potential tenants with thousands of pounds into claiming to own properties has been exposed by a real estate agent in Bournemouth.

Phil skorochod

Phil Skorochod, director of Martin & Co Bournemouth, told the BBC that listings for properties for sale are copied from legitimate websites and used in rental listings in online marketplaces, such as Facebook and Airbnb.

However, when people try to move in, after paying deposits and rental fees, they find that the property is owned by someone else, which Skorochod says naturally leaves many devastated.

He said, “It’s very simple. People pretend or pretend to be the owner or the owner of the property and then they create an email address similar to the owner’s name and advertise the property on Facebook or Airbnb, or one of those other platforms of online media, and collect leases. . “

Skorochod urged the police to take action.

“The police don’t want to get involved,” he added. “They say ‘it’s not criminal, it’s a civil matter’. They have nothing.

He continued, “We desperately tried to involve the police. They don’t take details, they don’t go out, they don’t check people. They refused to get involved.

The BBC highlighted the case of Mary Whitbread, from Bournemouth, who paid after a virtual viewing but is now homeless and around £ 3,000 out of pocket.

She said she only realized she had been scammed when she showed up to move in and found a “for sale” sign on the house.

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