Ahead of the inauguration, Airbnb promises bans on anyone involved in the Capitol riot – TechCrunch

Building on a policy the company said has been in place since the Charlottesville protests in 2017, Airbnb said it would take additional steps to strengthen community protections for the DC metro area ahead of the presidential inauguration.

Airbnb is already removing people associated with violent hate groups from the platform ahead of specific events, the company said.

And ahead of the inauguration, the company said it would use a seven-step plan to ensure the DC metro area is not overwhelmed by white supremacists, neo-Nazis or “Western chauvinists.”

Airbnb said it would ban people identified as involved in criminal activity around the Capitol during the riot last week. “When we learn from the media or law enforcement of the names of those confirmed to be responsible for the violent criminal activity on the United States Capitol on January 6, we are investigating whether the persons named have an account on Airbnb, ”the company said. “This includes cross-checking the records of the January 6 arrests of the DC Metro police. If people have an Airbnb account, we take action, including banning them from using Airbnb.

This comes on top of another sweep of existing bookings at locations around the Capitol in the days leading up to the inauguration to ensure that no one associated with hate groups slips through its net.

The company will also tighten up booking requirements, with additional identity verification measures and other security checks to ensure background checks are up to date.

As a final step, the company said it is reaching out to customers of reservations to let them know that if they bring in people associated with hate groups, they could face legal action from Airbnb. The company also tells hosts that if they suspect anything that people are staying on their properties, they should contact the company’s urgent security line.

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