Airbnb allows anyone to host Afghan refugees, not just hosts

Airbnb allows anyone in the world welcome refugees from Afghanistan through the holidays rental platform rather than just regular guests.

The announcement comes after the company said on Tuesday it would cover the cost of temporary housing 20,000 refugees in a bid to help them escape Taliban rule and resettle in safer areas around the world as the US military withdraws from the country.

The platform has generated “enormous interest” from those interested in helping refugees with housing, spokesperson Faith Hoffmeyer told FOX Business.

“So, as of this morning, Airbnb has been allowing anyone – not just current Airbnb hosts – to register to host Afghan refugees on Anyone can go to to support the ‘effort,’ she said. noted.

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Airbnb will waive all charges for existing Airbnb hosts and anyone else with additional space to temporarily house refugees at a reduced price or for free, according to a press release. Those who can’t rent or provide free space can also donate to Airbnb to support the effort.

“In many cases, we’ve heard from people who want to give their space away for free,” the company said in a press release. “The response has been overwhelming and today we are sharing more details on how people can help us expand our efforts to meet this unprecedented need for temporary emergency stays for refugees arriving from Afghanistan. “

Airbnb has partnered with International Rescue Committee, HIAS, and Church World Service to make the housing program possible.

About 25,000 refugees have stayed in Airbnb rentals over the past four years, the rental service said.

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