Airbnb: and Minut collaborate on noise prevention support for Hosts

At Airbnb, we know that the vast majority of guests are respectful neighbors and travelers, and that the vast majority of Hosts share their homes responsibly. Likewise, we are committed to being good partners with the communities that Hosts call home and to helping Hosts promote responsible travel in their neighborhoods and deter unwanted behavior.

To that end, Airbnb and real estate technology company Minut have collaborated to offer hosts in more than 60 countries and regions a free noise sensor and three months of free subscription to Minut’s noise and occupancy monitoring service. , and to integrate Minut noise alerts and Airbnb’s messaging tool.

Although problems on Airbnb are rare, measures such as noise sensors can help guests stay aware of noise and help hosts detect and prevent problems before they happen – all while respecting the travelers’ privacy, as the devices only signal if the decibels exceed a certain level, and do not record or transmit sounds and conversations. While this technology protects privacy, Airbnb still requires Hosts disclose the presence of these devices on their listing page prior to bookings, and strictly prohibits devices in spaces like bedrooms and other sleeping areas.

Resolving a potential noise issue detected by a Minut sensor can now be faster and more seamless for hosts and guests with the integration of Minut noise alerts with Airbnb’s messaging tool. This means that if a device detects that the noise in a listing exceeds the decibel level set by the host, an automatic notification can be sent by Minut through the Airbnb messaging tool to notify the host and guest. A recent pilot in Prague allowed Airbnb hosts to try Minut noise sensors, and found that one reminder can be enough to quickly resolve a potential noise issue, with hosts and guests able to resolve 100% of noise alerts between them within 20 minutes of detection.

Catherine Powell, Global Head of Accommodations at Airbnb, says: “Stays take place around the world every night on Airbnb, with the vast majority being respectful of Hosts’ homes and neighborhoods and sharing the benefits of tourism with local communities. This collaboration with Minut continues our commitment to encouraging safe and secure travel. accountable on Airbnb, and further empowers our host community to stop unauthorized parties.”

Nils Mattisson, CEO and co-founder of Minut, says, “Our mission is to help hosts take care of their homes, their guests, and their communities, and our partnership with Airbnb plays an important role in that mission. We’re excited to expand that with our new offering and integration. , which make noise monitoring more accessible and effective for Hosts around the world.”

This collaboration is the latest in a series of actions and resources to promote responsible travel on Airbnb and strengthen our anti-party stance, including the launch of new anti-party technology in the United States, Canada and Australia, the codifying our global party banwhich correlates with a global 44% year-over-year decline in the party reporting rate since its introduction in August 2020, the expansion of the 24-hour service security line and Neighborhood Support Lineand tips for hosts on how to prevent parties on their property.

Guests from eligible countries and regions can visit the Minute store to get the noise sensor and subscription offer, and learn more about the technology and integration into Minut’s Help Center.

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