Airbnb and Vrbo go into ads

Photo illustration of Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky and Vrbo CEO Jeff Hurst (Getty)

Vacation rental platforms go out of their way to introduce ads – and they also attack each other’s hosts directly.

Two of the top U.S. companies – Airbnb and Expedia’s Vrbo – have launched programs to make it easier for homeowners to register amid a shortage of available rental properties, according to the Wall Street Journal.

In March, Vrbo launched its Fast Start program which makes it easier for property owners to move their Airbnb ratings to Vrbo, by showing hosts the benefits of listing across multiple platforms. The company said the program has already generated thousands of new registrations.

Market leader Airbnb said in May that it has reduced the number of steps for an owner to list a property from several dozen to just 10 and says it has added more than 100 upgrades to its website. It also offers individual consultations for guests.

Demand for short-term rentals has increased as pandemic restrictions are lifted and the United States enters the hot summer months. Demand rose 5.4% in April from two years ago and 66.4% last year, according to AirDNA, which tracks short-term rentals.

The 61.6% occupancy rate in April was the highest on record for that month. Average daily rates are up 20% from 2019 to $ 245.

The shortage of registrations is due to several factors beyond the increase in demand. Customers tend to book longer stays and more and more owners are removing their properties to use them themselves.

[WSJ] – Denis lynch

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