Airbnb and Vrbo join forces to share information on repeat offenders at “party houses”

In an attempt to deal with repeat offenders from “party animals,” Airbnb and Vrbo have announced a partnership to launch their new community integrity program.

Airbnb and Vrbo, which is part of the Expedia Group, will collaborate and share information on problem lists to prevent people from repeatedly using vacation rentals as “party homes,” the two said. companies in a joint press release on June 11.

“The two companies have worked separately to address the challenge of disruptive party houses that are repeatedly reported. Stay Neighborly from Vrbo and Airbnb’s neighborhood helpline enable community leaders, neighbors and hosts to elevate the problems, ”the companies said.

Even if a repeat offender is removed from Airbnb’s rental listings, there is a possibility that the same rental property will appear on Vrbo’s listings, which is why the two companies have agreed to team up to end the cycle.

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Through the Community Integrity Program, Airbnb and Vrbo will enlist the help of a third party to create a way to identify “properties that have been permanently removed from each platform due to repeated violations of respective community policies. “.

Both companies pointed out that although this is rare, rentals that are routinely used as party houses can be disruptive and impact the quality of life of surrounding properties.

In 2019, following a deadly shooting at an Airbnb rental in Northern California, the company issued guidelines permanently banning party houses, according to a tweet posted by Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky.

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The party ban was one of many plans announced by the house-sharing company as part of its new security directive to better protect hosts and guests. Under the new guidelines, Airbnb announced it was banning “all ‘open-invitation’ parties and events,” as well as “major parties and events … in multi-family homes.”

“Neither Airbnb nor Vrbo have any tolerance for this type of irresponsible activity. Industry collaboration is an important step in reducing enforcement gaps and prioritizing the safety of the communities in which we all operate. This is the first step to building on a strong foundation, ”the press release says.

According to Airbnb, the program is expected to launch in the coming months and more details on the program will be provided “soon”.

FOX News contributed to this report.

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