Airbnb announces plans to tackle unauthorized Halloween parties

LOS ANGELES (CNS) – Airbnb today announced a campaign to promote safe and responsible travel, along with a plan to help prevent unauthorized parties over Halloween weekend.

The anchor of the plan is a ban on overnight bookings over Halloween weekend of entire homes in Los Angeles and the United States, except for guests who received positive reviews. This supports Airbnb’s ongoing party ban.

Airbnb first introduced a variation of this type of holiday initiative on Halloween last year. The company said it was a success, with incidents such as unauthorized Halloween parties falling by more than 49% in the United States and Canada.

Specifically in Los Angeles, more than 1,200 people have been dissuaded by Airbnb’s various anti-party defenses from booking entire homes for Halloween 2020.

Similar to the New Years and July 4th initiatives, the following criteria will be in place for guests attempting to book in the United States and Canada over Halloween weekend:

– For overnight reservations, travelers without a history of positive Airbnb reviews will be prohibited from making overnight reservations for entire accommodations;

– As Halloween approaches, the company will roll out stricter restrictions on two-night bookings which may pose an increased risk for the holidays. For example, Airbnb will take advantage of its technology which restricts some local and last minute bookings by customers without a history of positive Airbnb reviews and also blocks bookings within an expanded radius;

– Travelers who have already received positive reviews on Airbnb will not be subject to these restrictions; and

– Travelers making reservations of one or two nights will be required to certify that they understand Airbnb’s holiday ban and that they may be subject to legal action if this rule is violated.

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