Airbnb bans host from illicit vans after New York bust “Operation Room Service” – NBC New York

The host behind an illegal van rental operation on the streets of New York City has been kicked out of Airbnb, a company spokesperson confirmed.

Authorities announced the bust last week of seven pickup trucks impounded over two days that were believed to have been used as overnight rentals in a number of Manhattan neighborhoods.

“We do not condone this behavior and Airbnb prohibits stays from being listed on public land. The host and the listings in question have been banned from the Airbnb platform,” a company spokesperson said.

The New York Post, who first reported on the host’s ban, said Airbnb would not explain how the host received the company’s approval.

Invented “operating room service,” deputies from the sheriff’s office, in partnership with the NYPD, destroyed more than half a dozen vehicles.

Sheriff Joseph Fucito told NBC New York that investigators discovered the vans parked on the streets of Chelsea and the East Village were being used as rentals for Airbnb.

According to records shared by Fucito’s office, all seven pickup trucks had New Jersey license plates. The registrations of three of the vans had expired for more than four years while three others bore plates belonging to other vehicles. The seventh van was not registered.

Five of the vans were recovered and impounded in the East Village while the other two were spotted in Chelsea.

Fucito said the office’s investigation included a YouTuber’s examination of the alleged rental of one of the vans in the East Village.

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