Airbnb Blocks Some US Rentals From Users Under 25 To Prevent House Parties

Airbnb on Thursday announced new reservation rules prohibiting US users under the age of 25 from renting entire homes near their own residences in order to prevent “unauthorized house parties,” according to a company statement.

The big picture: High-profile incidents, including a shootout that killed five at an Airbnb party last Halloween – put the company on the lookout for the use of rentals for unauthorized gatherings.

  • Airbnb announcement after the shooting that he would “extend the manual control of high-risk bookings” and “create a rapid response team dedicated to the” house of the party “.
  • Permanent residents of some tourist destinations have also complained that the frequency of parties at nearby Airbnb rentals has fundamentally changed their neighborhoods, as Kim Hart of Axios reported.

Details: Users under 25 will not be able to rent entire properties near their home until they receive at least three positive reviews and no negative reviews from hosts.

  • All users under 25 will still be able to book private rooms and hotel rooms through Airbnb.

What they say : Airbnb said a pilot of the system that debuted in Canada earlier this year has caused the party to “drop significantly”.

  • “There will always be people who will work to find ways around our protections of trust and security, and we know that people over 24 are also perfectly capable of reserving a house for the wrong reasons,” said Airbnb.
  • “But based on the positive impact this policy has had on unauthorized parties booked by guests under the age of 25, we believe this is the right action to continue to protect the security of our community.”

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