Airbnb canceled leaving young women stranded on the streets of Portugal | Travel News | Travel

Due to their late arrival, the two students had agreed with the owner of the apartment to collect the keys from a locked safe using a code. However, the girls received the incorrect code and after several failed attempts to contact the host, the couple began to panic about their safety.

According to the Daily Record, Ami and Beth contacted Airbnb for help, but the rental company left the girls wandering the streets for hours with their luggage as they desperately tried to find a room for the night.

Ami, from Glasgow, told The Record: “We arrived to collect the key to the safe after 9pm but were unable to open it with the code sent to us. We contacted the host several times to tell him we couldn’t get in. the box but we got no response.

“Beth contacted Airbnb on live chat asking for help as we wandered the streets at night with our big bags and money. We told Airbnb we didn’t feel safe, we couldn’t not contact our host and we were two young girls wandering in an area we did not know.”

Ami and Beth eventually found a room at a local hotel and claimed Airbnb had offered to pay for overnight accommodation before going back on that promise. The vacation rental company then issued a full refund – which automatically canceled the couple’s accommodation for the rest of the trip.

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