Airbnb co-founders double program for Afghan refugees to 40,000

Airbnb CEO Brian chesky and co-founder Joe gebbia said during a visit to Washington on Wednesday that they were providing temporary housing to 40,000 Afghan refugees around the world, double a previous engagement.

The big picture: Accommodation typically lasts for several weeks, and Airbnb and provide grants to hosts. Hosts and donors also help pay.

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  • Relocation agencies tell Airbnb that the most requested areas are Dallas, N. Virginia, Sacramento, Seattle, Silver Spring, and Maryland.

In an interview for “Axios Today,” Chesky said, “We have always wanted to understand how we can use our platform as a force for good, beyond our core business.

  • “Over the past 10 years, we have hosted nearly 100,000 people displaced by disasters. A few years ago, we started hosting refugees.

Gebbia said that since the initial announcement last month, Airbnb has seen a surge of people offering homes and donations.

  • “We feel very, very grateful and very lucky that an idea that started in our salon has spread to over 4 million salons.”

  • Gebbia said part of giving back is “just asking yourself when things like this happen in the world: how can we help?”

?? On “Axios today” hear part of my conversation with Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia.

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