Airbnb creates a “Live Anywhere” program for 12 people

Around the world: Airbnb announced the launch of a new program – “Live Anywhere on Airbnb” – which will see 12 people from around the world living exclusively in properties listed on the home sharing platform, in the blink of an eye the growing trend towards remote working and flexible living.

The company is specifically looking for a wide range of people from different backgrounds, whether they are remote workers, creative types, empty nests, young families or something else. The program will run for 12 consecutive months between July 2021 and July 2022, with ten months allocated for travel, and participants will be supported with ad selections and local experiences.

Each participant will share their experiences with Airbnb to inform their future product upgrades and allow them to gain new knowledge about potential innovations where the company could better make nomadic lives easier. Airbnb will also cover all costs for each accommodation and provide a transportation allowance during the one-year program.

The Airbnb Travel & Life report reports that the share of stays of 28 days or more on Airbnb increased by ten percent of nights booked compared to 2019 in the first quarter of 2021. Meanwhile, 11 percent of bookings at longer term said they would live a nomadic lifestyle in 2021, while 74% of consumers surveyed in five countries suggested they would like to live in a place separate from their employer when the pandemic subsides.

Throughout the program, individuals will be responsible for helping shape the long-term future of living on Airbnb, in the following ways:

  • Product changes and resources to help improve the long term life experience
  • Ideal accommodation types for solo travelers or groups, e.g. families
  • Connections with local community members and businesses
  • A better understanding of the financial benefits of travel accommodation

Hosts who advertise their primary residence on Airbnb, as well as people who wish to become hosts on the platform, will also be eligible to participate in the program.

Those interested in applying to the Live Anywhere program have until June 30, 2021 to submit their application at the following link.

The lucky 12 are expected to be 18 or older and will be selected by a panel of interviewers next month. They will then begin their travels in September 2021.

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