Airbnb enacts global ban on home parties over safety concerns

Worldwide: Airbnb has issued a blanket blanket ban on all parties and events held at properties listed on its platform as of now.

The company will limit the total number of occupants of a property to 16, with the exception of certain locations.

Airbnb first tried to limit the impact of the holidays last year, after a fatal shooting at a property last year in the California town of Orinda, near San Francisco. As a result, he banned so-called “party houses”, set up a 24/7 hotline for residents to report illegal activities and prevented under 25 in the UK, France and Spain to rent entire homes after successful trials in the US and Canada.

Due to security concerns presented by the global pandemic, Airbnb has removed the event-friendly filter and house rules “parties allowed” on its website. He also stressed the importance of local regulations, which he said imposed a soft ban on large-scale events.

However, many users did not follow these policies. Police have closed parties in the US and UK, and STAA and the UK Bed and Breakfast Association have condemned Airbnb’s perceived lack of oversight.

David Weston, president of the UK B&B Association, told the BBC in June: Have put guests, hosts, neighbors and communities at risk.

“It is high time that these global platforms take some responsibility for the safety of their guests, their accommodation and show some respect for the local communities,” he added.

Hosts and neighbors in the UK have said parties held under short-term rentals are both disruptive to local communities and illegal, creating unease and insecurity for residents nearby.

Now, in the interest of its community and public health, Airbnb has chosen to ban home parties in its listed properties. In addition, he threatened legal action against guests and announcements breaking the new rules.

Airbnb’s statement reads: “Some have chosen to adopt the behavior of bars and clubs in homes, sometimes rented through our platform. We believe that such conduct is incredibly irresponsible – we don’t want this type of business, and anyone who engages or authorizes this behavior is not on our platform.

The company added that while the current cap is set at 16, it does not penalize small gatherings that disrupt local communities. The new rules go into effect immediately, but the company is still looking at certain things, such as the increased rules for traditional hospitality venues and boutique hotels.

Catherine Powell, Global Head of Accommodation at Airbnb, said: “With restaurants and bars closed in many places, some customers are using Airbnbs for unforeseen events. When this happens it can put you at risk, it hurts our relationships with your neighborhoods and local communities, and it’s even more disheartening during a global pandemic. “

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