Airbnb extends party ban until end of summer 2021

Last August, Airbnb imposed a global ban on all parties “indefinitely until further notice,” and although much of the country has reopened and is operating at near-normal capacity, the rental market has extended this policy at least until the end of the summer. blocking tens of thousands of revelers in the process.

According to Airbnb itself, the move was hugely popular among the host community, where many had previously banned parties in their house rules. Company confidence and security communications chief Ben Breit told The Verge the policy had hampered more than 50,000 “potentially risky booking attempts” in 15 states as part of its crackdown.

Denver Post reports that this includes 7,000 in Dallas, 6,000 in San Diego, 5,100 in Charlotte, 3,500 in St. Louis, 3,000 in Columbus and 2,700 in New Orleans, and more in Las Vegas, Phoenix, Seattle , Denver, Portland and Salt Lake City.

The company has gone so far as to remove the “event-friendly” search filter and remove “allowed parties and events” from all house rule lists as part of its party ban initiative.

“Instituting a global ban on parties and events is in the best interest of public health,” the company said in its August 2020 announcement, adding the threat of legal consequences if the rules are violated.

The policy change has been largely successful, Airbnb reports, with major events like Halloween and New Years Eve “calm,” Brein said. The Denver post.

Megan Schaltegger is a writer at Thrillist.

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