Airbnb fined 8 million euros by Paris court in an attempt to eradicate illegal ads

The deputy mayor of the city, Ian Brossat, called it “a wonderful victory for Parisians”.

A Paris court fined the Airbnb rental market, saying the company failed to comply with local regulations on rental listings.

The court ordered a fine of 8 million euros after authorities found more than 1,000 listings in the city that did not have a registration number, which is required by law.

The court ruling comes after years of conflict between Airbnb and the city of Paris. In 2017, city authorities implemented the registration model for vacation rentals as well as a ceiling of 120 nights per year.

When those regulations went into effect, the mayor’s office asked Airbnb to write off around 1,000 properties that weren’t properly registered, and in 2019, the city sued the company for $ 12 million over ads not comply with regulations.

The deputy mayor of Paris Ian Brossat, in charge of housing, described the court’s decision this week as “a great victory for Parisians”.

“This is the first time in France that a local authority has won a lawsuit against a technology giant,” he added. “The responsibility of the platforms is finally recognized.

Airbnb told AFP news agency that 95% of its accommodations in Paris last year were booked for less than 120 nights, and that “the vast majority of nights booked in entire Parisian accommodations were in previously registered accommodations , or who have benefited from an exemption from registration “. .

The company will now require Parisian owners to prove that their rentals have been registered with the city, and will extend this to other French cities, including Bordeaux, Lyon and Marseille.

Airbnb has been criticized in Paris and other cities for its impact on housing markets. In Ireland, regulations regarding short-term rentals came into effect in 2019, but calls have been made for stricter enforcement of these rules.

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