Airbnb ‘goes wild’ during level 5 restrictions

Airbnb should be phased out as Ireland faces Tier 5 restrictions as it “goes wild” by facilitating blatant violations, including parties and binge drinking in rural areas, senator said .

“The big problem we have in our part of the world is that we have gross violations of level 5 restrictions. What is really going on is this phenomenon of weekend house parties where houses are rented out. , whether in scenic parts of Ireland or rural Ireland, and they become two night drinking parties, ”the Fine Gael senator said in the Seanad.

Gardaí recently found seven people from all different households in a Kinsale home in one of the most egregious violations of the Level 5 restrictions, according to Mr Lombard.

Senator Tim Lombard: “What is really happening is this phenomenon of weekend house parties where houses are rented out, whether in picturesque parts of Ireland or rural Ireland, and they become drinking evenings for two nights. ” Photo. John allen

“This is the kind of scenario that happens in rural Ireland, it is the kind of thing that happens in society.

I checked the Airbnb site this morning. There are over 200 properties on the Airbnb site for Cork alone tonight.

“There are thousands of them available all over Ireland. They are not intended for essential workers. They are not intended for people who have to go to work. They are reserved for leisure and recreation. The restrictions that apply to other operators are not enforced by the Airbnb website, and we have a major issue of lack of enforcement.

Regulations need to be put in place to prevent it, but unfortunately such regulations do not exist at the moment, Lombard said.

Cork County Council, which purports to be the regulator for Airbnbs inside the Rent Pressure Zones, does not have a full list of Airbnb properties in the county because it was not provided by Airbnb , said the senator.

“This is what we are dealing with. It is a totally appalling situation that we have an unregulated market that flies in the face of what we all do at level 5. We need to know exactly what the government is proposing to do about this blatant violation of restrictions.

How can you control Airbnb right now, because at the moment they seem to be rampaging all over the company.

In response, the local government and Planning Minister Peter Burke said “very strict” regulations already exist and people are now aware that they could have a criminal record for violating the restrictions. level 5.

Airbnb has been contacted by the Irish Examiner for comment.

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