Airbnb hacks to make your stay more affordable (and enjoyable)

It is possible to save money when booking with Airbnb, but only if you practice these tips first.

Everyone is renting venues right now and taking road trips, and both are shaping up to be the main trend of 2021. With so much trade happening here and in other countries – more than the year last, in fact – it makes sense that travelers would be looking for all the hacks they can to save money. Luckily, vacation rentals are a great way to do that, for a start, and Airbnb is a great place to start.

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The world is now a different place than it once was, which means the same travel tips we used before 2020 don’t necessarily apply the following year. With so many options for local (or cross-country) travel, Airbnb has always paved the way for affordable dream vacations. Before you book any of these great trips, however, there are a few tips you should know before hitting the “book” button, as we have a few tips up our sleeve as well.

Get that full $ 55 off

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Most people think that you can only get a $ 40 discount when you first book with Airbnb, but there is also a way to get an extra $ 15 discount. Booking an experience with your rental guarantees a reduction of $ 15, which can be applied to any future travel. This gives renters a total of $ 55 off which, in reality, could almost cover a night in a super affordable place. It can also be applied to more experiences, which is still a relatively new facet of Airbnb, but promises to be a safe bet for the local experience.

Super hosts are a great way to avoid wasting money

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There are a number of differences between regular hosts and Great hosts on Airbnb. Obviously, a Super Host is going to get exceptional ratings since they’ve achieved this status on a number of bookings. Another major difference, however, is that a Super Host cannot randomly cancel a reservation on you. This means that the trip will not be refunded (and you will not lose a non-refundable fee) if a host cancels a trip for any reason.

Plan with a friend and use these references

Airbnb is full of travel discounts for people who encourage others to use its services. By referring a friend, you can get an additional $ 20 discount if they book through Airbnb. So, it’s definitely worth asking a friend to take a vacation at the same time or right before yours.

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Coordination can help both of you, especially if they are new to Airbnb as they will get their clean delivery. It’s also a great way to split a trip into multiple destinations – just assign each friend a place to book on a group trip!

You could try to be thrifty

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Since Airbnb is quite personal and works through the host and their personal listing, renters can easily message owners before they even book. If you’re feeling daring, you can message them ahead of time and ask if they would be open to a discount for your quick booking. Sometimes they agree if it is a slow season or off season as bookings are drastically dropping. However, you should also be prepared to be refused and potentially lose an ad because of it.

Deduct snacks and drinks that might be included

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This is another great way to save money. If you book an entire house or a place with a kitchen, chances are there will be some snacks. Some hosts go the extra mile and make sure the pantry is fully stocked or nearby before the tenant arrives. If so, you’re looking to save money by not splurging on food.

Always Google the property before booking it

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The reason is that sometimes a property will be listed twice. This means that if it was originally the ad had its own site or appeared on another first, then Airbnb could be a secondary booking system for more visibility. If so, you might save money just by going through the original site as you will bypass all Airbnb charges. It’s a quick action that takes under 30 seconds, and could save you a lot of money considering what Airbnb’s fees look like on some rentals. Plus, it’s a good way to avoid getting stuck in a double-booked loop; if Airbnb is the secondary booking site, then you’d better go through the first one.

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