Airbnb horror stories, from pop-up brothel to corpse in surveillance footage

Hosting a property on Airbnb has its perks of the extra income for meeting people from all over the world – not to mention the extra cash.

While the majority of Airbnb hosts have never encountered a major problem, some have shared their nightmares when things don’t go exactly to plan and there have been some weird experiences to say the least.

Pop-up brothels, vandalized apartments and drug addicts – these are just some of the horror stories that have been shared online.

Here are just five of the worst Airbnb customers of all time.

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Body in CCTV

Unmasked men carrying victim’s body off Airbnb property

A host has been shocked after capturing surveillance footage of three suspects carrying a man’s body from his home in Florida after an alleged drug deal.

Xavier Antonio Johnson, 29, had rented the Acorn Court pad on April 8 to sell marijuana before he was shot dead.

Three unidentified men entered the Airbnb on April 13 around 8:30 p.m., one of them carrying a gun.

The chilling footage shows the unmasked men carrying the victim’s body off the Airbnb property.

Sheriff Grady Judd has revealed Xavier did not die in the house – but was in fact dropped off at the hospital by the suspects.

The Airbnb owner alerted detectives to harrowing footage of his body being dragged from the house following the incident.

Cocaine fueled orgy on wedding night

Airbnb guests had a cocaine fueled orgy in the living room
Airbnb guests had a cocaine fueled orgy in the living room

Airbnb hosts have revealed their New Year’s Eve wedding night was ruined by guests having a cocaine-fueled orgy in their living room.

Justine Smith and Francisco Peres returned from their celebrations around 2.30am to find their tenants had left a huge mess.

While the newlyweds were in bed, they could hear the Ottawa couple cutting cocaine on a glass table in the living room and snorting it.

As the night progressed, the couple could hear people having sex in the next room

Justine said, “Not super loud but we can definitely hear them, and it just wasn’t worth asking them not to have sex on our couch.”

The next morning, they discovered that the tenants had invited at least three other people to the apartment.

They also found two strangers naked on the couch with empty cocaine bags on the table.

Justine stormed off, knocking on the bedroom door where the Ottawa couple was staying, and found another person in bed with them.

The tenants were horrified, Justine said, and probably weren’t planning on having an orgy that night.

The orgy attendees quickly cleaned up the apartment and left the hosts a very apologetic note, before awarding them a five-star rating on Airbnb.

The apartment that became a short-lived brothel

A host felt ‘cheated’ after discovering his Airbnb apartment had been turned into a pop-up brothel by guests.

Colin (pseudonym) found out the hard way that a customer wanting to pay in cash, rather than through the website’s secure system, should have been a red flag from the start.

He decided to google the guest’s name, after becoming suspicious of a signed text with an unusual name.

The quick search led Colin to discover that these were actually high profile escorts who used the property with their clients.

Upon arrival, the host found used condom wrappers under the bed and the trash can overflowing with tissues, as well as empty wine and Prosecco bottles.

Colin suspects the escorts made over £5,000 during their two-night stay in his £85/night rental.

He admits he felt let down by the guest and added: “I want to sell [the flat] now I just want to get rid of it, to be honest. I really, really liked living here. I love the place but unfortunately it’s not worth it at all.”

An Airbnb apartment that has become “the haunt of junkies”

In Sydney, Holly and her boyfriend rented their flat for 10 days to ‘Michelle’ who cooked up a story about their ‘sick’ child at the nearby children’s hospital.

The couple stayed at their mother’s house for 10 days, hoping to use the proceeds from Airbnb to pay a credit card bill.

After leaving, Holly went to the apartment to do some cleaning and was greeted with drug paraphernalia, drugs and other unidentifiable substances strewn around the apartment.

Holly’s home was completely ransacked with stolen valuables and a damage bill of over A$10,000.

Holly's house was completely ransacked with stolen valuables
Holly’s house was completely ransacked with stolen valuables

She said: “Table lamps were smashed in, bedside lamps were stolen, cushions were stolen, Bose speakers were stolen, an external hard drive was stolen. The list is endless.”

Cigarettes were left all over the apartment, with ashes covering their $2,000 carpet and two towels left on the floor covered in blood.

There was also green liquid on many of the walls and all over the floor, while fruit had also been thrown on the walls, leaving them smelly.

Holly and her boyfriend were left homeless as they tried to find a new place to live while the damage was repaired.

Vandals ransack Airbnb apartment

A gang of vandals have caused £4,000 worth of damage to an Airbnb apartment in Battlefield, Glasgow, as part of a craze involving people renting cushions just to destroy them.

After departure, the female host who asked not to be named was greeted with smashed mirrors, cabinets and doors – and even the living room TV thrown into a tub and covered in bubble bath.

The 29-year-old said: “It was like a horror movie. I had never seen anything like it.

“It’s clearly not a party gone wrong. They came here with the aim of causing as much damage as possible.

Clothes were thrown all over the bed, bondage equipment left hanging from a bed frame and a hacksaw was used to rip fittings, while a huge mirror was ripped from a wall.

The host had a ‘bad feeling’ about the guests after a girl around 18 showed up at the apartment with a boy and claimed they were planning on having a ‘quiet drink’.

She added: ‘I thought we were going to come in and find someone murdered.

“I had contacted the girl that morning and freaked out when I noticed she had changed her name and hadn’t replied. It was absolute carnage.

Airbnb then agreed to pay the couple £500 for a cleaner and £70 for a locksmith.

But the owners had to spend an extra £3,500 on a new carpet, painter, TV and furniture.

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