Airbnb host abruptly canceled family vacation home when asked about security cameras

An Airbnb host abruptly canceled a rental to a family farm in New Hampshire just before their vacation began after asking about the property’s security cameras.

The family had assumed that the cameras mentioned in the list were only outside. But just to make sure, they asked the host exactly where the cameras were on the property and found they were in every room except the bedroom and bathroom. . When asked if the cameras included audio, they got no response. When asked what the host would do with the recording, they got no response. And when they asked if they could post a deposit to turn off the cameras, the rental was taken from them at the last minute.

From NBCBoston:

Airbnb allows cameras and noise monitoring devices inside your rental, as long as they are clearly marked in the listing. They are only allowed in public and common areas, not in bathrooms or bedrooms.

Concealed devices are prohibited and hosts are required to disclose how guests will be monitored and whether active recording is taking place.

Michael Coyne, a Boston NBC10 legal analyst, who is dean of the Massachusetts School of Law, says consumers should ask questions up front and also realize that they can waive certain privacy rights when they agree to the terms of use for a vacation rental app.

“Carefully review the user agreement, ask questions about it, and then be vigilant about protecting that confidentiality,” Coyne said, “because the confidentiality of most of these user agreements is unfortunately considerably limited.” .

The family said they would “think twice” before renting another Airbnb property, according to NBCBoston. Meanwhile, the voyeur host has removed his property from the Airbnb site.

Image by Greg Habermann / Flickr

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