Airbnb host in Glasgow bans bookings at COP26 after raising delegate fee by $ 2,000

An Airbnb host was banned from taking reservations during COP26 – after trying to squeeze an additional $ 2,000 from a US delegate.

The Glasgow owner demanded the extra money after telling guest Tan Copsey, from Brooklyn, New York, that he didn’t realize the reservation was for the climate conference.

The owner – who has not been identified – admitted he feared “losing a lot of money”.

Tan, director of climate communications company Climate Nexus, reported the host to Airbnb – which has now banned the owner from accepting guests during COP26.

Beside a photo of his correspondence with the host, Tan tweeted: “Having a great time with the COP26 accommodation, this guy tried to add an extra $ 2,000 to my reservation. Nice experience all round. seen.”

In the exchange of messages, the owner said: “I have been informed that during your stay the average room price has increased by 400% in my area.

“It bothers me that I missed a lot of money because of your early booking.

“I had planned to contact you earlier, but I had been on vacation for three weeks recently and was distracted.

“I think an extra $ 70 per night would be a fair adjustment in this case.

The COP26 conference takes place at the Scottish Event Campus in Glasgow

“If you care about looking for alternative accommodation, I understand.

“The average price per night for lower quality accommodation is around £ 400.

“The weekly discount still applies to the new rate.

“I must inform you that my property is in a very quiet area.

“A five-minute walk from a train station that leads directly to the COP26 venues.

“Sorry I didn’t warn you earlier.”

After it became clear that Tan would not keep the reservation, the owner sent a message: “I have given you the option to agree to pay an additional charge to reflect the market price for short term rentals during the COP26 in Glasgow.

“Since you have chosen not to do so, I am canceling your reservation.”

Airbnb said this penalized the host, who was prohibited from taking other reservations during the conference.

A spokesperson said: “We have zero tolerance for this behavior and have taken action against the host and prevented them from accepting further reservations during this time.

“The client was fully reimbursed and we offered support to help them find alternative accommodation.

“Airbnb is donating all of its service charges for stays in Glasgow during COP26 to Zero Waste Scotland.”

More than 30,000 people, including 120 world leaders, are expected to attend the SEC summit from Oct. 31 to Nov. 12.

Concerns have already been raised about the cost and availability of accommodation, and the Scottish government has urged people to open their doors to participants as part of a COP26 Host Family Network, a scheme set up to encourage families to offer a place to stay free or for a low price.

Hundreds of households have already joined the initiative.

The Scottish Government has previously said: “By offering free or low-cost accommodation, hosts can help ensure that those who are unable to meet the costs themselves, especially those in southern countries, can attend at the top and make their voices heard. ”

Yesterday MPs learned there was a ‘housing crisis’, with up to 3,000 people coming to Glasgow for the world climate conference, still having nowhere to stay and emergency accommodation being sought after in gyms and community centers.

It was previously reported that 20 properties on the Airbnb site and 30 on were listed for over £ 20,000 for the fortnight.

A two-bedroom duplex apartment in Glasgow’s Kelvingrove area was reportedly listed at £ 8,583 per night.

A COP26 official previously said: “As hosts it is of utmost importance to the UK there are plenty of accommodation options available at reasonable prices.

“We have worked with our hotel supplier, MCI, to make sure this is the case.”

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