Airbnb host rejects couple for receiving COVID-19 vaccine

A Victorian Airbnb host has refused to provide accommodation for a vaccinated couple – citing false claims that the COVID-19 vaccine will transmit the virus.

Airbnb suspended a Victorian superhost, which refused to provide housing for a couple because they had received their first COVID-19 jab.

Steve Carey and his partner had tried to book a vacation in the Victoria area before the state was hit by a regional lockdown, and were asked if they had been vaccinated.

“We both had our first [shot],” he said.

In response, the host said she could not accept them, citing a false claim that the vaccine would cause people to pass COVID-19 to unvaccinated people.

“I am not accepting anyone who has been vaccinated due to reports of side effects,” said the host.

“It also spreads to unvaccinated people and makes them sick. I’m afraid it’s too experimental at this point and I have to protect my other guests. I’m so sorry for any inconvenience.”

Mr. Carey reported the issue to Airbnb, to which the host replied, “It’s okay Steve, but Airbnb is aware of it. Ultimately it’s my property and I deny the right to decline any reservations.” .

Airbnb responded to Mr. Carey by stating “does not violate our content policy”.

“The refusal or acceptance of a reservation request is the decision of the host. Rest assured that their account will be treated accordingly if they decline multiple reservation requests,” replied the rental company.

Days later, Airbnb confirmed they had “investigated the matter” and suspended the host.

“We have suspended the ad in question for violating our COVID-19 content policy,” Derek Nolan of Airbnb told Sky News Australia.

“It is important that everyone closely follows official health guidelines from local authorities, as we all continue to do our part to fight COVID-19. “

Misinformation about vaccines

Misleading information suggesting that the COVID-19 vaccine can cause the virus to “shed” or “shed” has been debunked.

According to the Australian Department of Health, none of the vaccines approved in Australia contain the live virus.

“It means they can’t give you COVID-19,” the website States.

“Some of the side effects of the vaccine, such as fever and fatigue, can mimic the symptoms of COVID-19. The symptoms are normal and a sign that the body is building protection against the virus. “

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