AirBnB in Scotland: seven weird and wonderful holiday ideas

Our tourism industry officially reopened on Wednesday, with the Prime Minister encouraging desperate people looking for a vacation to ‘explore Scotland more’ rather than taking trips abroad.

With that in mind, we’ve thought to put together some of AirBnB’s weirdest and most beautiful announcements in Scotland, to inspire you ahead of your trip.

Whether it’s living in a futuristic ‘airship’, coming home to a hobbit hole or even a lifeboat, here are seven of the weird and wonderful AirBnB offers in Scotland:

AirShip002 – Drimnin, Highlands


Described as an “iconic insulated aluminum pod,” the AirShip002 is a one-bedroom, one-bathroom pod for up to two adults.

Located in Drimnin in the Highlands, the accommodation offers views of the Isle of Mull from its ‘dragonfly windows’.

Glasgow Times: AirBnBAirBnB

The “cozy, quirky and cool” site is a perfect getaway – with all the details on the AirBnB site here.

Tinhouse – Glendale, Highlands

Glasgow Timetables:

Tinhouse is described as an “Architectural Award-Winning Luxury Vacation Home.”

With one bed and one bathroom, the cottage is suitable for two people – located in North West Skye.

Glasgow Times: AirBnBAirBnB

“ideal for foodies, walkers or just those who want a secluded break”, the list is finished with the “highest quality” of amenities – with panoramic views of the seascape.

All details can be found here.

The Warren – Loch Tay, Highlands

Are you a fan of Lord of the Rings? And the Hobbit?

Glasgow Times: AirBnBAirBnB

Well, at the Warren you can have your own Tolkien adventure in the “luxurious” cave house.

Set on a secluded hill north of Loch Tay, the hobbit-style building has ‘character’, with a grass roof and exterior … not to mention a private hot tub.

Glasgow Times: AirBnBAirBnB

The Warren has two bedrooms, two bathrooms and can sleep four people.

All details can be found here.

Cairn Pod – Bonar Bridge, Sutherland

Ideal for people who love camping but just want something a little more luxurious, the Cairn Pod is the perfect blend of the two.

Glasgow Times: AirBnBAirBnB

Situated in a picturesque area of ​​Bonar Bridge Sutherland and set in the heart of the North Coast 500, the pod makes it an ideal accommodation for exploring the Highlands for a short or long stay.

The pod can accommodate two people in two twin beds or a double bed – with a bathroom / shower also inside.

Glasgow Times: AirBnBAirBnB

All details can be found here.

Luxe Vintage Airstream – Dull, Perth and Kinross

Named ‘Stella’, this 1973 Airstream has been lovingly restored by hosts Niki and Nir, bringing it into the 21st century.

Glasgow Times: AirBnBAirBnB

The superb listing is set in the Highland Perthshire countryside with an abundance of outdoor activities nearby.

But if you’d rather spend your trip relaxing, there’s a private hot tub right outside your door.

Glasgow Times: AirBnBAirBnB

All details can be found here.

The Alexandra Lifeboat – Cuan Ferry, Argyll and Bute

Arguably one of the most unique Scottish listings on AirBnB, this site offers the option for six people to stay in a real lifeboat.

Glasgow Times: AirBnBAirBnB

The 110-year-old ship sits on the shores of the Cuan Strait on the rugged coastline of Argll, with an ideal location for kayakers, hikers and those looking to escape the hectic life.

The Alexandra is located in the bay – where there are small camping facilities, including a shared shower and toilet.

Glasgow Times: AirBnBAirBnB

See all the details here.

The Magic Bus – Dornie, Highlands

The Magic Bus, once a busy Mercedes 709 minibus, is now a comfortable and unique getaway for the “nature-loving eco-traveler looking for something cute and quirky”.

Glasgow Times: AirBnBAirBnB

Set on the south-west facing hills with stunning views over Loch Duich and Loch Alsh Below, the property is a short walk from Scotland’s most famous castle – Eilean Donan Castle.

Designed for two people, the Magic Bus has a handmade interior, with a raised double bed area at the front of the bus.

Weather permitting, you can enjoy the sunset and a barbecue in the outdoor seating area, while indoors you can stay warm even on the coldest nights with the stove. wood.

Glasgow Times: AirBnBAirBnB

You can see all the details here.

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