Airbnb introduces new anti-party tools in Nevada and across the country

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Airbnb has announced the introduction of new anti-party tools in Nevada and across the United States to help prevent users from taking advantage of the platform.

The introduction of the new technology comes hot on the heels of their announcement in June that the previous temporary party ban would become codified policy.

Nevada has seen a 77% year-over-year drop in party reports since the temporary ban was introduced in 2020.

Airbnb says the announcement of the new anti-party technology aims to build on that success and continue to fight unauthorized parties to support Airbnb hosts and the Nevada communities they serve.

The announcement of the new anti-party tools in the US and Canada is intended to help identify potentially high-risk bookings and prevent users from taking advantage of the platform. The system will look at factors such as positive review history, length of time the guest has been on Airbnb, length of trip, distance to listing, weekend vs. weekday and other factors.

Airbnb says the primary goal is to attempt to reduce users’ ability to host unauthorized parties that negatively impact their hosts, neighbors, and the communities they serve.

A similar version of the system has been tested in Australia since October 2021 where it has proven to be very effective. According to Airbnb, there was a 35% drop in incidents of unauthorized parties in areas where the pilot was in effect.

Airbnb is now completing the pilot phase in Australia and codifying the product nationwide.

Anti-Party technology is designed to prevent a reservation attempt from going through. Guests who are unable to make whole house reservations due to this system will still be able to book a private room where the host is more likely to be physically on site or a hotel room through Airbnb.

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