Airbnb is banning parties from all Ontario listings this Halloween and here’s how that’ll verify

While Airbnb is a great, often inexpensive, alternative for travelers who want to experience a new city as if they lived there themselves, the short-term rental app unfortunately also lends itself well to people who want to organize a house party in a cool downtown condo. it is not theirs.

The California-based company has made new efforts in recent months to curb bookings that can lead to complaints from hosts and neighbors, as well as a range of troubling incidents, from dangerously whipped bottles from balconies to shootings.

In February last year, the accommodation brand decided to launch a 24/7 helpline for issues, while preventing guests under 25 from making local reservations for whole house in Canada.

In the summer, he began suspending problematic registrations in Ontario that had resulted in complaints or other policy violations.

Airbnb has also started cracking down on gatherings during its announcements on key holidays like New Years Eve, banning overnight rentals of entire homes to prevent “unauthorized” breakages.

Now, the app has announced that it will do the same for the next upcoming holiday, Halloween 2021, which is among the few days that the brand says are “known for their party-like behavior.”

Building on the success of these measures last year, the company announced Tuesday that it “will re-institute restrictions on one and two night stays in the US and Canada for entire home listings while also using our other strong holiday prevention systems. “

These systems include the aforementioned hotline for neighbors, the removal of notorious “party houses” from the platform, and a mandatory clause that guests must agree to before booking that stipulates the company’s ban on large and disruptive gatherings. , the violation of which may result in the deletion of the account and action.

The clause that potential customers will have to agree to to reserve for Halloween. Of Airbnb.

The rules will only apply to customers who do not have a history of positive Airbnb reviews, and to one-night bookings of entire homes or two-night bookings that “may present an increased risk to them. holidays’ like last minute bookings and / or those made by people who live locally.

“We estimate that our efforts have resulted in a drop in incidents such as unauthorized parties by more than 49% for Halloween and more than 51% for New Years Eve 2020,” the company wrote in a statement announcing the return. of the measure.

“Our party ban has become a fundamental part of our trust and safety strategy, and we continue to invest in products and systems to complement this policy and promote safe and responsible travel.”

Lucky for the people who live here, but maybe not for those looking to visit, the pandemic and new Airbnb regulations have caused a whole slew of short-term rentals in the city to be converted by their owners into actual apartments. for long-term residents.

However, there could still be thousands of registrations that are not performing according to the rules.

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