Airbnb is doing the Democrats’ dirty work

Democrats have a BDS problem. Explicitly anti-Semitic boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign against world’s only Jewish state is gaining ground among self-proclaimed progressives such as newcomers to Congress Rashida TlaibRashida Harbi Tlaib Special Election Ohio: Good Day for Democrats ‘The Squad’ Celebrates Biden Presse Moratorium on Deportations: Inmates Returned Asylum MORE (Michigan.), Ilhan OmarIlhan Omar ‘the Squad’ celebrates moratorium on Biden evictions (Minn.) And Alexandria Ocasio-CortezAlexandria Ocasio-Cortez Ohio Special Election: A Good Day For Democrats Five Things To Take From Ohio’s Special Primary Shontel Brown Wins Ohio Democratic Primary To Show Establishment Strength MORE (NY), while the leadership of the party’s old guard – people like Sen. Chuck schumerChuck SchumerYouth organizations ask Biden to secure ‘bold’ climate investments New York Times calls on Cuomo to step down ‘The Squad’ celebrates moratorium on Biden eviction MORE (NY), Rep. Nancy PelosiNancy PelosiLiz Cheney Says Father “Deeply Distressed” by Republican Party Condition 19 House Democrats Call on Capitol Hill Doctor to Mandate Vaccines Ohio Special Election: A Good Day For Democrats MORE (California), Sen. Ben cardinBenjamin (Ben) Louis Cardin The Senate panel votes in favor of the repeal of war authorizations in Iraq (Md.), And Jerry nadlerJerrold (Jerry) Lewis Nadler Biden backs efforts to include immigration in Biden budget package to meet 11 Democratic lawmakers on DACA: report Britney Spears’ new lawyer files petition to remove his father from his Tory post MORE (NY) – realizing that the apparently openly anti-Semitic party would alienate some of its most generous donors, prefers to maintain its party’s pro-Israel words. It’s getting harder and harder hour by hour.

Recent events have exposed Democrats’ panic. The centerpiece of the Republicans’ first Senate bill from the new Congress is American support for Israel. One of its key provisions is anti-BDS legislation. Democrats prevented him from voting.

When the senator Marco rubioMarco Antonio Rubio Senators highlight threats to China’s national security in rare open hearing Rubio urges DNI to investigate alleged unmasking of Tucker Carlson Senate holds sleepy session on Saturday as negotiators finalize l ” PLUS infrastructure agreement (R-Fla.) Tweeted that his fellow Democrats were trying to cover up the depths of anti-Israel sentiment within their caucus, Democrats and their allies in the press exploded in just outrage, mistakenly branding the provision anti- BDS threat to freedom of expression. In effect, this is a standard provision simply requiring that federal contractors refrain from discriminating on the basis of race or gender.

Democratic leaders desperately need to reconcile their pro-Israel donors with some of their progressive anti-Semitic voters. Their solution is already in sight.

Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham Clinton Briahna Joy Gray: Progressives Like Turner Should Reconsider Their Candidacy As Democrats Biden Wishes Obama Happy Birthday Ohio Special Election: A Good Day For Democrats MORE, Barack obamaBarack Hussein ObamaBiden Appoints Mark Brzezinski US Ambassador to Poland On The Money: Trump asks court to block disclosure of tax returns to Congress | Private sector creates 330,000 jobs in July, well below expectations Biden wishes Obama a happy birthday MORE, and some of their key aides have spent years laying the groundwork to claim pro-Israel credentials while supporting BDS “limited” to “Israeli-occupied territories.” It all begins with the progressive narrative of a fictitious Palestinian nation of “native” “brown” peoples struggling for liberation from a brutal “white” “European” colonialist oppressor regime.

From there it proceeds through a “peace process” that undermines peace and security for Israel. and stability and prosperity for the very people they claim to defend. This false narrative justified Obama’s open call for the expulsion of Jews from Judea, as well as the left’s constant clamor for a “two-state solution” that everyone knows would only increase the price. anarchy and terror in an already unstable region.

Having unexpectedly lost the White House, Democratic agents working away from Washington took the lead. In November 2018, vacation rental pioneer Airbnb announced a shocking policy. Despite being willing to list properties in the many war zones, totalitarian states, and disputed and occupied territories across the world, Airbnb would deny service to only one group: Jewish landlords in Judea and Samaria. Non-Jewish owners of those same disputed territories could continue to use their service. Even the leftist Haaretz called the policy a “big win” for BDS.

With its initial public offering on hold, Airbnb has surprisingly chosen to step into a politically charged arena and break numerous state laws while alienating not only Jews but tens of millions of American Christians as well. What was Airbnb thinking?

The answer lies in the identity and allegiance of the executives directly responsible for dragging the company into immoral and self-destructive politics. Chris Lehane, head of global policy and communications for Airbnb, is a Clinton advisor. Margaret Richardson, Obama’s Justice Department chief of staff and one of the most frequent visitors to the Obama White House, supports him as Airbnb’s director of global policy.

Exploiting the progressive and naive bosses of Airbnb, Lehane and Richardson risked the interests of the company and its investors to promote the BDS agenda.

Adding insult to injury, when Airbnb had to send an executive to meet with the Israeli government, the company sent prime contractor Lehane – the alleged architect of its boycott – to appease Israel, at least long enough to avoid damaging Airbnb’s impending IPO. .

Israel met Lehane in good faith. Lehane responded with a series of promises of which he did not keep any.

Meanwhile, the usual Democratic shills – a gallery of thugs from left-wing Jewish front groups – were mobilized to handle the crisis: in a joint statement, J Street, T’ruah, Americans for Peace Now, Partners for a Progressive Israel and the New Israel fund said, “The claim that Airbnb is driven by anti-Semitism is totally unbearable. … Its delisting from rental properties will only occur in illegitimate West Bank settlements that are not part of Israel. (sic) ”

Less than two months later, Cardin – a Jewish senator who broke with Obama to oppose the Iran deal in 2015 but accepted J Street’s embrace in 2018 – was now complaining about Republican opposition to BDS . Cardin’s complaint was not entirely surprising given that in the previous Congress, House Democrats watered down proposed anti-BDS legislation to redefine Israel away from definitions already embedded in US trade law; they sought to exclude lands east of the Green Line.

The writing is on the wall. Anti-Israel and pro-BDS forces control Democrats. Left-wing Jewish groups such as the ADL will continue to distract from the politically irrelevant ‘alt-right’ as they redefine anti-Semitism to accommodate and justify the left’s hatred against Israel – much like what is happening today in Jeremy Corbyn’s Labor Party. The intellectual arguments in favor of Jewishness as a “white privilege” and Zionism as “white supremacy” will be pursued in the universities of the left and the pages of the Cheeky. Democrats will scream that Republicans are in favor of trying to protect Israel. The only question remaining is how long the progressive base of Democrats will allow its leaders to pocket money from pro-Israel donors – or even let Jews into the room. The current Democratic messages about free speech and the two states are a stall tactic. When the dust settles, from top to bottom, Democrats will possess the anti-Semitism of BDS.

Bruce Abramson is Senior Research Fellow at the London Center for Policy Research and Contributor to the Haym Solomon Center Information and Public Policy Group. Jeff Ballabon is CEO of B2 Strategic and senior fellow at the Center for Statesmanship and Diplomacy.

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