Airbnb is looking for 12 travelers to live for free in its properties for a year

Remote work can sometimes suck. There is the endless “you are muted!” ┬╗Debacles. Annoying interruptions from your roommates rushing into the kitchen to make a sandwich or take their laundry. And the important business updates that you miss because you’re too busy staring at your own face in the corner of the screen trying to figure out if your left eyebrow looks weird today.

But for all the negatives, our new Zoom-based reality had one major advantage: the advent of the digital nomad. No longer chained to their daily commutes, remote workers seized the opportunity to travel the world without leaving their desks, turning Parisian cafes, Greek beaches and chalets in the Swiss Alps into offices for days or weeks. at a time.

This is something Airbnb expects to see a lot more in the next few years, as workplaces continue to provide flexible work opportunities beyond the pandemic. And to help accommodate the growing number of guests who live nomadically, the company is giving 12 incredibly lucky adventurers a truly unique opportunity to spend an entire year staying for free at Airbnb properties around the world.

The house rental company is looking for English speaking remote workers, creatives, empty nesters and young families to be part of the program for 12 consecutive months from July 2021 to July 2022 – ten of which will include travel and residences around the world whole. on Airbnb. Each lucky person accepted into the program will receive accommodation credit, transportation allowance, list suggestions, and access to local experiences as they travel the world with up to three companions.

In return, selected attendees will provide the company with regular updates and reports on their travel experiences, helping to “enhance long-term life experiences and shape the future of flexible living on Airbnb.” . Sounds like a very good deal to us.

Already looking for your passport? Visit the Airbnb site for more details and to apply for the program. But hurry: applications close on June 30!

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