Airbnb is the first target of digital tax rules from Poland

Poland: Newly-appointed Polish Finance Minister Tadeuz Koscinski today announced plans to introduce a tax on Airbnb operators in Poland.

Recent plans by European leaders to understand and regulate Airbnb France Télécom states that Koscinskis seeks to tax not only the operator but also the company itself.

“If we are going to ensure that everyone who rents their apartments in a shared economy pays their fair share of taxes, then the people they pay – Airbnb is part of the value chain – they should pay the same,” Koscinski said in an interview in London. . The Minister advocates the payment of taxes to ensure fair competition between different types of business in the market.

The EU has faced conflict over digital tax schemes in recent years, has not followed the overall approach of the EU proposal, and individual countries have tried to introduce tax systems that have diminished or caused conflict with the United States. Poland’s proposal is currently awaiting an OECD decision on future international approaches to digital taxation pending the adoption of a law.

Airbnb responded by reiterating its commitment to fair taxation in the countries in which it does business, saying it already pays VAT on Polish landlords and guest taxes. This came after the announcement last week that it had agreed to an automatic tax collection system with Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, the first such scheme in Central and Eastern Europe.

Countries across Europe have been looking for ways to make Airbnb’s success more relevant to their communities. Scotland confirmed the mandate for short-term rental platforms this month, and France’s efforts to legally reclassify Airbnb as a real estate company in Luxembourg have been thwarted by the European Court of Justice.

Koscinskis notes that he seeks to take advantage of this plan to better understand the company’s impact on the economy. With an American The IRS is reshaping tax training services for digital websites in the concert economy, the government may be more interested in pursuing profitable digital short-term rental solutions in the future.

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