Airbnb launches all-inclusive travel adventures on six continents

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A private concert in the desert? Explore Area 51? Airbnb has already planned this; all you have to do is introduce yourself.

With my right hand, I roast a coconut marshmallow over a campfire; in my left hand is a can of chilled rosé. Facing me, a quintet sings moving folk melodies in perfect harmony and making the audience cry. The sound echoes through the woods in the countryside of upstate New York and throughout the surrounding Hudson Valley. It’s Wednesday.

When I got on a school bus in New York City on Wednesday morning with nine other reporters after a long subway ride through downtown, I had no idea where I was going. In less than two hours we arrived at the 600 acres Cedar Lakes Estate, where we spent the day making leather journals on top of a mountain with anabaptists, puree fresh strawberries to make jam, look for edible plants, eat nicely served plant-based meals, and witness the aforementioned intimate concert in the woods.

And while no one will ever see that exact sequence of events again, Airbnb has allowed you to choose your own getaway with Airbnb Adventures, their latest initiative and an extension of the Airbnb experiences launched in 2016.

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Don’t expect skydiving or hang gliding; in fact, you don’t have to be a thrill-seeker to find an amazing trip for you and your family or friends. As of today, over 200 all-inclusive adventures can be booked on Airbnb, ranging from stalking lions on foot in Kenya and sleep under the stars deep in the Amazon To cliffside camping in Colorado; listen to a private concert in the desert; foraging in Portland, Oregon; and learn to live a simpler life with an Anabaptist family in northern Indiana.

For those who are really up for an adventure, the Around the world in 80 days trip (named after the classic Jules Verne), will take a number of guests to 18 countries across six continents in various types of transportation, including a hot air balloon.

Cowboy life in the American Wild West

For these tours, accommodation, meals, and experiences are included, with costs ranging from $ 80 to $ 5,000 (the average adventure is $ 588 for a three-day trip). Trips can be anywhere from two to 10 nights across six continents and can typically accommodate small groups of no more than 12 people (think of a private getaway for you and your family or friends), so it really feels like a hyper-personalized experience. which will never happen twice in the same way.

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Hosts are carefully selected to ensure their expertise, authenticity, and overall love for travel and community, the pillars at the heart of every Airbnb adventure.

Take a look at some of the craziest and most unique trips available to book now.

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