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The 3D printed Fibonacci house by Twente Additive Manufacturing (TAM) is now the world’s first fully 3D printed concrete small house to be listed on the popular Airbnb colocation network. Platform users will have the opportunity to spend a few nights in one of the very first fully 3D printed buildings in the world, in beautiful rural Canada.

This unique architectural house was designed based on the famous Fibonacci sequence. The list on the platform is intended as a fundraiser to help World Housing (.org) continue its important mission of solving the housing crisis.

TAM 3D printed Fibonacci house now listed on Airbnb

From the location in the quiet town of Procter, 40 km from Nelson, British Columbia, overnight guests can enjoy the awe-inspiring views of the Purcell Mountains, hike, mountain biking, or go hiking. stroll down to the community beach for a dip in the pristine Kootenay Lake.

The interior fittings include a space for 4 people on the mezzanine (you will have to climb a ladder to lie down). There is a mesh preventing accidental drops, but people should always be aware of the edge. In July, the house costs $ 164 a night, which isn’t a huge investment to stay immersed in nature for a few days and be a part of history.

The House of Fibonacci because conforms to the Fibonacci sequence in its spiral shape. This seemingly small structure has 2 mezzanine bedrooms for the capacity of sleeping 4. The structure is fully 3D printed with local contractors finishing details like the ceiling, windows and utilities (Wi-Fi is included) and integrated plumbing and electrical systems.

TAM 3D printed Fibonacci house now listed on Airbnb

Hosts have strong ties to the Harrop-Procter and Procter Point community and recommend observing speed limits when approaching the house.

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