Airbnb lobbies Irish Housing Minister O’Brien for ‘fair’ regulation

Ireland: Airbnb urges Irish Housing Minister Darragh O’Brien to introduce “fair and proportionate” regulations for short-term rentals in Ireland.

Historically, Airbnb has been criticized in Ireland, and around the world, for being seen to increase rental costs and hold unfair advantages over local businesses, due to varying levels of oversight and regulation.

The roommate platform tried to refute these criticisms by claiming that the short-term rental industry will be crucial in Ireland’s post-pandemic recovery as it is a fundamental part of the Irish tourism industry.

Current regulations in Ireland require that those who wish to rent out their property on a short-term rental platform for more than 90 days per year must register for an exemption with local authorities.

Last year, O’Brien confirmed his interest in buying empty Airbnbs as part of the Irish government’s July stimulus package, with the aim of increasing the stock of available housing in the country.

However, recently the opposition TDs [Teachtaí Dála, from the lower house of the Irish Parliament] are calling for stricter regulations on Airbnb and other rental platforms.

In response to calls for tighter regulation, Airbnb cited research data from Oxford Economics, which shows Airbnb contributed a gross value of € 321 million and supported 3,400 jobs in Dublin in 2019. customers who have stayed on Airbnb listings have also supported local retailing, dining, and more.

In May, Airbnb’s public policy chief Jean Hoey wrote to O’Brien, asking him to discuss future regulation of the industry. In the letter, Hoey said Dublin’s 2019 figures offered “significant hope as to what the recovery might look like at the end of 2021 and into 2022 in the city and beyond.”

Hoey said: ‘Any post-pandemic reconstruction of the Irish economy will in part be achieved by rebuilding our tourism sector – and as such it is vitally important to have an adequate supply of short-term housing. term available for tourism. As a key stakeholder, we are eager to work with you on the introduction of fair and proportionate regulations on short-term rentals and have had positive engagement with your ministry officials in this regard.

“Thanks to our community hosts, Airbnb looks forward to playing its part in helping restore Ireland’s national and regional tourism sector, and we look forward to continuing to engage with your managers in the weeks and months to come on all relevant topics. problems, ”she added.

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