Airbnb offers a secluded cabin on a Montana mountain

Despite the challenges, many are starting to think of a return to travel in the not too distant future. Still, Paris or New York might not be the first on the list for many people looking for trips that will allow them to maintain some social distance.

Maybe this kind of traveler is attracted to Airbnb, but they certainly use the service. The company says Montana is its top trending destination for the summer. So Airbnb is giving travelers what they want with a special Montana-based promotion that could make you the only resident on a mountain from October 7-9.

Big Sky Resort and mountaineer Conrad Anker set up two guests as the only human occupants of the Andesite Mountain. If you’re the guest, you’ll have 5,850 acres of stunning wilderness to explore for $ 88 a night.

Depending on what you’re looking for outside of the trip, you’ll also have access to a private trip to Lone Peak, the state’s highest scenic viewpoint. You can also enjoy 100 miles of hiking and biking trails, a private call with Anker while he’s on Everest this weekend (until you can make a connection with him), ‘dinner for two in a nearby mountain yurt, access to fly fishing and supplies, horseback riding and of course top notch real estate for stargazing. You will be on the mountain as the draconid meteor shower peaks. There is even a telescope in the cabin. (However, it won’t be one of the best meteor showers of the year.)

As part of the stay, Airbnb makes donations to two local organizations: Big Sky Youth Empowerment and the Montana Conservation Corps.

If you want to book the unique stay, know that Airbnb always adheres to local Covid-19 protocols. You will need to live in the United States and live in the same household as the other guest to book the mountain stay. In addition, it will be difficult to book anyway with only one two-night stay offered. You will be able to run up to make the reservation on May 13 at 1 p.m. EDT. If the situation around the pandemic worsens as the October weekend approaches, the company will offer the guest who booked the room a $ 1,000 Airbnb coupon. If you can make it happen, it will certainly be a remarkable vacation after you’ve been off travel for over a year.

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