Airbnb offers a ‘welcome bonus’ to COP26 hosts in Glasgow

United Kingdom: before November United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as COP26, Airbnb is offering a financial incentive for hosts in Glasgow to welcome guests and increase accommodation capacity for the global event.

It responds to concerns about the housing shortage during COP26, with around 30,000 government representatives, media and activists from around the world expected at the historic climate conference, lobbying local accommodation providers.

According to the Glasgow Convention Bureau, the capacity of hotel rooms in Greater Glasgow is limited to just 15,000 rooms.

Airbnb is offering a £ 100 travel voucher to anyone who greets their first guest on the platform in Glasgow during COP26 [running between 1-12 November], to help families, businesses and local communities benefit economically from the event and to support the climate debate with world leaders. Hosts are invited to register for the offer and list their space in this connect.

At the same time, the home-sharing platform has pledged to donate all of its revenue from service charges for stays in Glasgow during the conference dates to a non-governmental organization based in Stirling. [NGO] Zero Waste Scotland. The donation commitment applies to both existing bookings and new bookings made during COP26.

Amanda Cupples, Managing Director Northern Europe at Airbnb, said: “Airbnb offers a unique opportunity for communities in Glasgow and surrounding areas to be part of history at the historic COP26 conference. Home sharing helps cities use existing space to increase capacity and host major events.

“It also enables residents to provide sustainable and affordable housing throughout the city, benefiting the local economy,” she added.

Iain Gulland, Managing Director of Zero Waste Scotland, said: “This is a fantastic commitment from Airbnb. To truly end the climate crisis, we need to change the way we consume.

“This donation will be a big boost to the work we do in Scotland to help citizens and businesses choose more sustainable lifestyles, use the things we need and share resources,” he said. -he adds.

Philippa Farnese, an Airbnb host in Glasgow who hosts a delegate, said: “I am delighted that Glasgow is hosting such an event. This is important, not least because I myself work in the sustainable development sector, so I am very happy to be the host of COP26.

“It’s also exciting to host someone who will make a difference, the ultimate guest who comes with a big goal. I have the impression of participating in COP26 even if I am not a delegate, ”she added.

Airbnb claims hosts in the UK earned over £ 225million last summer, with the average host bringing in nearly £ 1,000.

According to analysis by independent consultancy BiGGAR Economics commissioned by Airbnb, travel on the platform “boosts Glasgow’s economy by £ 58million per year and supports more than 2,800 local jobs”.

Airbnb has provided the following tips for anyone considering hosting during COP26:

  1. Use quality photos: Customers spend more time exploring photos than any other part of an ad.

  2. Write an accurate description of your space – focus on the style, uniqueness, condition and atmosphere of your space.

  3. Create a great Airbnb host profile – your profile is a great way for others to find out more about you before they reserve your space.

  4. Implement sustainable practices in your ad – whether it’s letting your guests know how you recycle, telling them about public transportation in your city, or just using eco-friendly cleaning products , it is easy to do small changes that can make travel more sustainable.

Following reports of unruly behavior, neighborhood disruption, and parties taking place in Airbnb listings, the platform encourages potential and existing hosts to visit its responsible hosting page for more information on accommodation in Glasgow and the surrounding area.

Glasgow City Council last September requested a one-of-a-kind judicial ban on closing a short-term rental property that did not comply with the enforcement. The Victoria Road property in the city’s south was closed in 2019 after complaints of noise and antisocial behavior.

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