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NFL and AWS host second computer vision competition for ID players


Joe lemire

The NFL and Amazon Web Services are holding a second artificial intelligence competition to solicit computer vision algorithms capable of automatically identifying players involved in a helmet impact by analyzing gameplay footage. Submissions can be made up to November 2; $ 100,000 in cash prizes will be awarded.

In 2019, the NFL began to build a data lake of all his injury information and possible contributing factors, such as equipment and field conditions. AWS, which was already fueling the league’s Next Gen stats, joined us in developing this program, the Digital Athlete, to predict and prevent injury.

“This competition is fundamental in helping to identify each player’s risk of injury-causing events, particularly with regards to head health,” Jeff Miller, NFL executive vice president, said in a statement. .

The first computer vision competition in 2020 received nearly 7,800 entries from 55 countries to detect helmet impacts in the field. Dmytro Poplavskiy from Australia won first place. This year’s challenge, hosted on Kaggle, builds on this work by automating the identification of actors involved in such impacts.

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