Airbnb offers privileged access to Betsy Ross House in Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — You may have visited the Betsy Ross House in the Old Town before, but there’s a new experience that opens up a few doors to the house that have never been seen by the public.

A new Airbnb the experience takes you back in time with exclusive access.

It’s not an overnight stay like you might expect at an Airbnb, but it’s a true behind-the-scenes look at the home of America’s most famous flag maker.

Behind the doors of the famous house at 2nd and Arch streets, you’ll enter rooms where American history was written, like the one where Ross first met George Washington.

“The Betsy Ross House manager will walk you past the plexiglass and into the store where Betsy actually worked as an upholsterer,” says Airbnb spokesperson Liz Fusco. “They’ll show you her bedroom, where she sewed the country’s first-ever flag by candlelight, hiding it from loyalists who might have tried to peek inside. This tour will seek to open parts of the house that are not generally made available to the public.”

The Betsy Ross House is one of many historic sites across the country offering this insider access.

Airbnb and “Made By Us,” a coalition of historic and civic organizations, wanted to give locals and visitors a chance to enjoy these national treasures like never before while supporting them.

Other participating locations include the Atlanta History Center, HistoryMiami Museum, Ford’s Theater in DC and Genessee Country Village. & Museum in Rochester, New York.

Each participating organization will retain 100% of the benefits of their experience.

They start at $50 per person.

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