Airbnb opens Frontline Responders program in Mexico and Colombia

Globally: Airbnb is expanding its frontline responder program, which allows hosts to offer their properties for free or at a reduced rate to Covid-19 medical responders, in the Central and Central American markets South.

The company is growing its program in the countries from Mexico and Colombia and has committed to waive fees for the first 100,000 bookings made worldwide.

Airbnb previously opened the program in Italy and France, before expanding to the UK and US. The company has pledged to cover up to $ 50 in cleaning fees for each individual reservation.

Alberto Yohai, President of the Colombian Chamber of Information and Telecommunications, said: We are very proud to be part of this initiative which will help mitigate the negative impact of Covid-19, which is perfectly in line with the efforts that have been articulated. between the private sector and the national government at times when solidarity and generosity must shine above all.

In Colombia, Airbnb’s program will also include limited partnerships with boutique hotels and groups to provide additional support. Dann Hotels, Ayenda Hotels and GHotels were the first to volunteer and will provide limited services specifically for this program.

In Mexico, the company has entered into a direct partnership with the Red Cross to generate bookings. Members of the organization were trained to use the platform and find suitable accommodation.

Fernando Suinaga Cárdenas, National President of the Mexican Red Cross said: “The dedication, professionalism, commitment and spirit of service of all those who make the work of the Mexican Red Cross possible are the strength and engine of our institution. Anything we can do to support them will translate into the possibility of helping more people. “

For more information on Airbnb’s first responder program, visit the link here.

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