Airbnb prices in Bristol soar over summer bank holiday weekend

Bristol tourists face the second highest Airbnb price increase in the country over the summer holiday weekend.

Tourists coming to Bristol face an 11% cost increase, which is the second highest increase in the UK.

Search by revealed that an Airbnb in Bristol before the summer holiday weekend would cost £ 132, but with the summer holiday it goes up to £ 147.

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While the three-day summer holiday weekend encourages many to embark on a city break, Airbnb prices in the UK’s largest cities have increased an average of 6% over the weekend.

Meanwhile, Liverpool saw the biggest price increase over the summer holidays with a 22% increase, where the average price from the previous weekend was said to be £ 119. The price over the bank holiday weekend, however, is £ 145.

Manchester was common with Bristol with an 11 percent increase, Glasgow had a seven percent increase and Leeds with four percent. tracks the average price per night for rentals on Airbnb on the dates and locations of the UK’s biggest events and holidays throughout 2021.

The prices are then compared to the previous week to reveal which events increase Airbnb prices the most.

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