Airbnb real estate host responds to rule violation allegations at rented house in Plantation Lane, Bearsted

A hostess is furious to say that the airbnb she manages is constantly breaking the rules.

The chic £ 825-per-night pad in Bearsted, near Maidstone, made headlines when more than 100 people showed up to a party at the end of May.

The airbnb property at Plantation Lane, Bearsted, has sparked much debate with neighbors who are concerned about staying at the property every weekend.

A scuffle broke out and police called, the party organizer fined £ 10,000 for flouting Covid-19 lockdown rules at mass rallies.

Officers were called back to the Plantation Lane property last Friday afternoon after neighbors complained of noise.

The house has a Jacuzzi and a movie theater and has received five star reviews from guests.

Teresa Pinnoy, who manages the building on behalf of the owners – a family of five – says that apart from the illegal party, nothing really bad happened.

Commenting on the police call last week, Ms Pinnoy said: “This is absolutely ridiculous. There were four adults and five children there on [the] Friday.

Scenes from the chaotic party at Bearsted in May

“One of the children was so scared because the police came through from behind.

“It was just two families, trying to have a little fun for the weekend. It’s ridiculous. I think since this rave took place the neighbors have been pretty ridiculous with every guest that has stayed.

Police confirmed their presence on August 20, but said no further action was necessary.

A spokesperson said: “A call was made to Kent Police at around 4:25 pm on Friday August 20, regarding concerns over screaming and loud music coming from a property in Plantation Lane, Bearsted.

How the property is advertised on the airbnb site
How the property is advertised on the airbnb site

“A patrol visited the property and determined that it was a rental space used to host a family reunion.

“The music was refused at the request of the officers and no further action was required.”

Since the chaotic scenes in May, guests are now screened in advance, the number of people allowed to stay has been reduced from 10 to eight, and the cost has been increased.

Ms Pinnoy added that people were reportedly seen filming guests in the garden.

“We have done so much,” she said. “What else can we do? “

Former Maidstone Magistrate Nigel Cox is leading an action group against those who run and own the rented accommodation.  Photo: Nigel Cox
Former Maidstone Magistrate Nigel Cox is leading an action group against those who run and own the rented accommodation. Photo: Nigel Cox

But an action group led by Nigel Cox, a Bearsted resident, has been formed, with around a dozen people living nearby complaining of being unhappy with what they feel is a constant disregard for the neighborhood.

Mr Cox, a retired magistrate and former councilor, was absent last weekend but briefed on the latest events of a neighbor upon his return.

He said: “It is simply impossible for the local residents to live in the peace of Bearsted.

“We are practically all old people.

“It’s just awful. It’s not going to stop because obviously the owners want the money.

“There are no specific noise regulations for rentals or vacation rentals.”

“Airbnb doesn’t care and it’s about taking the steps our group can do to stop this.”

Cllr Val Springett (Con), who represents Bearsted at Maidstone Borough Council (MBC), said people’s concerns were understandable.

“I was not made aware of any post-rave event,” she continued.

“There are no specific noise regulations for rental properties or vacation rentals. They simply come under the same regulations as any other property with regard to noise pollution.

“But of course the residents are concerned, considering what has happened before.”

Airbnb says it was not aware of last week’s incident as no one contacted it about it.

A spokesperson said: “We want to be a good partner for local communities, which is why we launched our 24/7 Neighbors Hotline to allow anyone to contact us in the event of a problem. local listing issue, and we are investigating all reports received.

“With over 900 million traveler arrivals to Airbnb to date, isolated issues are rare and we are taking action on those reported to us.”

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