Airbnb rents home from ‘The Royal Tenenbaums’

The Royal Tenenbaums is a film. What this Airbnb presupposes is maybe not. You have the chance to act like living in a Wes Anderson movie for a few days.

Airbnb has listed the iconic Tenenbaum house of The Royal Tenenbaums for a two night stay. The New York home may have just hit the market, but you could have a short stay here if you click your fingers for the courage, fire, and guts required. Your chances might not be great, but the house would cost $ 20,000 per month if you rent it out. Via Airbnb, it will only cost you $ 20 per night.

The catch is, there’s only one two-night stay available. That’s it. Nonetheless, it will give you plenty of time to piece together your favorite scenes from the movie. However, it is hoped that this does not involve jumping out of a window or crashing into a car in front of the house. (Poor Buckley.) You’ll also need to adjust your scenes a bit, as the house has unsurprisingly undergone changes since the movie was released two decades ago, and it doesn’t include any of the skin from the movie.

The house will be listed at 12 p.m. ET on May 26. So you’ll need to be online and ready for action if you want to search for Royal’s javelin in the closet. If someone asks you why you are wearing pajamas, you can let them know that you have permission to sleep.

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